Nittany Lion Careers is transforming the way you recruit talent at Penn State.

Using a new hybrid approach to recruiting, all career offices at University Park and our Commonwealth and World Campuses have come together to create a seamless experience for your organization.


New Features and Benefits

Powered by Symplicity, Nittany Lion Careers brings you a University-wide recruiting platform. Use one account to post your opportunity and streamline your experience.

  • Post your opening in Nittany Lion Careers and every Penn State student and alumni is able to find that opportunity. This brings greater exposure and assurance that the click of one button will make the posting visible to over 84,000 enrolled students and alumni.
  • Control how you source and filter talent based on your needs. Any Penn State student or alumni can apply but you can limit or filter how you search through that talent.


Continued Relationships

Your organization has worked hard to build relationships with various offices at Penn State. We value and appreciate these relationships. The hybrid recruiting model at Penn State allows you to continue to work with those contacts based on your needs while giving you the opportunity to grow your university network.

Need to contact a career office? Get in touch with a team today to start recruiting on campus.

New to recruiting at Penn State? Our central Employer Engagement Manager can help you build contacts with each office while developing a solid recruiting strategy on campus. Learn best practices for sourcing talent at each campus, how to connect with career office staff and faculty, and how to get started.


Using Nittany Lion Careers

If you have questions regarding your account or using the system, contact your campus or college career office.

Need Nittany Lion Careers Support? Contact your campus or college career office.

Accessing Your Account

If you had an account in one of the college-based Penn State Symplicity systems, your information, with the exception of your password, has been migrated to Nittany Lion Careers.  We sent you a link to reset your password on June 18, 2018.

Forgot your password?

If you were unable to access the link before it expired, go to the employer login page and select the Forgot Password link.

Employers who forgot their password can choose that option below the sign-in fields on the Nittany Lion Careers log-in page.

New Users to Nittany Lion Careers

If you are new to recruiting at Penn State, you can sign up for a Nittany Lion Careers account at the employer login page.  You will receive an email verification with additional instructions once your account has been approved.

Employers can create a new account with Nittany Lion Careers by selecting 'Sign Up' on the right-hand side of the employer log-in page.

Posting Jobs

From the home page (after you have logged in), select Jobs > Job Postings in the left menu to post a new position.  There are three pre-defined application options:

  • Email: Each time a student applies to a position, a message with attached application materials will be sent to the email address you have provided.
  • Accumulate Online: Students’ application materials will be collected online and you can log in to review them.
  • Other: Provide your own instructions in the How to Apply field. If Other is the only method selected, students will not have the option to apply through this system.

To ensure that your job posting reaches your desired student population, we strongly recommend that you provide a detailed job description and request specific majors of interest (as opposed to “all majors”).

Once you have submitted your job posting, career professionals will review it for approval (typically within two business days). Once approved, it will be available for candidates to view and submit applications.

Career Fairs and Recruiting Events

We anticipate that many college career offices will use Nittany Lion Careers to manage career fair registrations in the future.  You can view and register for career fairs by selecting Events > Career Fairs from the left menu.  See a selection of other career fairs managed outside of Nittany Lion Careers.

You will be able to request information sessions and other career events through Nittany Lion Careers starting on July 1, 2018. 

Select Events > Information Sessions & Events in the left menu.  Career Services staff will review your request(s) and refer you to the appropriate contact for your needs.  Please provide all relevant details about your event, including proposed date and time, desired majors, and a detailed description of what the event will entail, so that we can refer you to the right person and target event advertising to the students you want.

On-Campus Interviewing

You can request OCI dates for Fall 2018 now.  Career Services staff will review your request(s) and refer you to the appropriate contact for your needs. Your contact will be in touch with you once an OCI date is confirmed.

Reviewing Candidates

Any student is able to apply to any job in Nittany Lion Careers.  To help you identify the best candidates for your posted job(s), you will have the ability to filter applicants on a variety of factors, including major, degree level, and class level, starting on August 1, 2018

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